Appearing Live at Catersource / Event Solutions in Las Vegas

Our new booth backwall made from Multiquad

Our new booth backwall made from Multiquad




Hey everyone – we will be appearing “live” exhibiting at Catersource & Event Solutions March 25th and 26th in LAs Vegas at the Convention Center.  Come meet us and be the first to find out how we are your one stop source for game show production for all types of events.  Come visit our booth and mention this post for a free gift.

We are at booth 253 — look for our new trade show booth. Shown here we are testing it in our office before it was shipped to Vegas.  Missing our the LED monitors and razzle dazzle.    Multiquad represents our new line of high end scenery which is totally brand-able.  We are official Multiquad dealers, so we can design an exhibit for you and pass a 10% discount — even if you don’t use us for a traffic builder.

See you all there.

Guess The Price is now the Right game show for corporate events, promotions, and even a Bar Mitzvah

We have been presenting game shows for over eighteen years. On occasion, clients ask us if we can do somethingin the style of Price is Right. This is because Price is Right has been on TV for over thirty years and is one of the most recognized game show formats. 



For years, we have told clients, to simulate a game show like this tends to be expensive because it requires a lot of props that it it used  to require versus the amount of actual use (a large prop may only be used once but cost hundreds of dollars to rent for that one prop alone)  — with podiums with displays and high end props it may not be cost effective.  (We have a game show that meets these parameters but cycles about 50 people per hour versus a simulated Price game that would only involve about 8 playing game in an hour).  Stage games are different than TV games — see ourGame Show Give Away program for more  details for the best Risk Reward Game Show for promotions and high end corporate events. 


Guess The Price (now a cost effective alternative). 

Recently, a client called me and told me that her son really loved the game show The Price Is Right. I explained the above issues and suggested something else like our Versus game show. However,  her son really wanted a game show in the style of the tv show that he loved so much but she also had a limited budget.  

We developed a working alternative in budget that in line  for them and that same program would work great for your event. 

With the help of the client, we compiled a list of items that 13 year old boys would be familiar with (since I don’t have kids). We coded these items into Powerpoint with pictures and item names. (Obviously the budget didn’t allow for “giving” these prizes away). For 13 year olds, items included video games, sporting items, games, backyard etc so it was all relevant. (I thought it was educational that children should know what the stuff they want costs their parents). 

We then gathered a collection of trade show style mini games – both physical props and some video based. We have a huge list of games but for this we used all games of chance (as opposed to skill games) to keep it easy. Games at this event included: Plinko (using a trade show plinko display), Wheel of a Deal, Mini Keno, Race To Place, Lucky Board, Star Power, Giant Dice Roll, Pick A Pair, Higher or Lower, Blackjack, and more.  We brought about twelve games. 

This is how the rhythm of this game show went – we put all of the names of the kids in a bucket.  To facilitate maximum participation – we set up two sides — a Red Side and a Blue side.  Four players were brought up to each table where we had dry erase boards waiting. Once the item was shown, the players wrote down on the boards what they thought the actual selling price might be (note: the TV game show is looking for a suggested retail price).  Each side was competing against themselves. The player with the closest price estimate one each side was invited to play one of the games of chance. If they won the game of chance, they received three raffle tickets. If they participated, they received one.  After each game,l new names were pulled. 

This process was repeated for 90 minutes. In 90 minutes, we went through about 18 cycles. At the end, we pulled names to receive one of the then raffle prizes. 


Now a new program for Game Show Gurus and your event. 

This process can be adapted exactly or modified for any event or promotion.  The above event was produced at a “2 star level”, but I can see it being produced at a 3 or 4 star level with increased lights, backdrops, staff, podiums displays, or enhanced props. It comes off sort of like a cross between our “Win It In a Minute”,  Survey Says, Ballistic Bingo, and others.  If you are interested in something like this, let us know and we will send you a proposal for any production level or budget. We can also modify any rules or rhythms.  Items to bid on prices can be targeted towards any demographic. I can also see this game show with modified games of chance and a different “qualifier”. The qualifier in the above scenario was guessing prices, but a qualifier could also be answering trivia questions, supplying an item, winning a bingo, text message, or winning another challenge. 

Call us at (847) 781-7033 or email me at for more details.

Watch for updated pictures and web site descriptions soon.

I love NBC’s Hollywood Game Night

As a fan of game shows, I tend to at least watch once every game show that comes out. That’s what we do — we create game shows and want to bring you what you know.

With NBC’s Hollywood Game Night, I noticed they are basically what we have been doing all along. 

 It consists two teams made up of celebrities (we don’t have that) and two team captains that are non celebrities.  With a wacky host (Jane Lynch), they play six “face off” type games that have included Celebrity Fusion (guessing a celebrity’s from a morphed picture – with one’s first name is the same as another’s last name (Tom Arnold Schwarzenegger), Smash The Buzzer (hit the buzzer when an item from a list is in the category), TV ID (clue about a TV show like name that tune — players bid on how many words their team will get it in, Home Sweets Home (identify candy by the picture), How Do You Do Doo (hum a song)using only “Do” , Celebrity Name Game, Match Game Matchmaker (digital touch screen of match of tv hosts and hostesses), Picture Purrfect (identify pictures of celebrities from movies with their photos replaced by cats), and Timeline (put a celebrity’s looks in order).  The different thing about this game show is it’s simplicity and lack of any razzle dazzle type sets (no moving lights, no led screens)   as well as low prize value. The set is a large screen TV, two couches, and two hit buzzers. But it keeps me coming back every week.

Many of these games are based on our “Face Off” game show using our Face Off podium or our Versus game show that we have been running for years.  On our back burner, we have a game show called “Do Something” which is based on the board game Craniuim – basically integrating a picture drawing element, a humming a tune element, trivia element, and a physical challenge element.   For corporate events, we can modify any of these challenges to integrate into our Versus game show, (Versus normally uses physical challenges and some trivia).  Of course, you bring the celebrities.


New Celebrity Tic Tac Toe Squares Game Set Introduced

This past month, we introduced our new Celebrity Tic Tac Toe & Squares set.  The old set was located in Florida. The new set is based out of Chicago but can travel easily anywhere.  The old set required risers to be at least four feet high to avoid blocking via sight lines. The hotel we used them at recently couldn’t achieve the stage heights required safely — so we made adjustments.  (We will have our own risers soon).

 The new set has elements that can be put in front of tables, mounted on truss besides a player or mounted on truss behind players. The new set will be able to be built into trade show like graphics and displays.    Our new X and O’s are 24″  X 24″ and have super bright RGB 10 Watt LED’s. These LED’s were TOO Bright for the last show and light could be seen bouncing off of the back wall almost 200 feet away. We had to dim the displays down as to not upset the video camera feed.   The event in the picture was relatively basic.

Celebrity Tic Tac Toe Equipment

We just came back from New Orleans where our client used our game show for a “Celebrity Tic Tac Toe” game show.  The client was a large law firm. The celebrities were some oe their lawyers. Each lawyer / celebrity was introduced as a celebrity look a like with a back story. The contestants were two of their guests.  Each of the contestants pointed to a celebrity to ask a question.  The celebrities had prescripted funny and serious answers. The contestants either agreed or disagreed.  At the end of the 30 minute presentation, eveyrone, including the 700 people in the audience loved it. It was a great ending to a day in a great conference.  Time to hit Bourbon Street.

The picture in this blog shows the X and O’s on stage and an X and O in front of the contestants (although blocked by some other scenery).  More pictures to follow and watch for an update our our Celebirty Tic Tac Toe page on our webg site.  A smaller version of this game show will also be available. A new “Celebirty Up Four It” will also be available soon with seven celebrities and your favorite four in a row game combined.

For more information on Celebirty Tic Tac Toe and Squares, call us at 847-781-7033 or email


New Pop Culture Survey posted on our Facebook Page

We are always updating our trivia database to reflect the current pop culture. Of special interest righ tnow is pop culture for teenagers as we have several events coming up. No one cares about Hannah Montanna anymore so we need to know what is up — what’s your favorite — please take our trivia survey and please share this link social media with any teenagers that you know. What’s your favorite TV show, movie, web site, place, hange out, sport game, — We want to know.

NBC showcases new game show “Take It All”

We love game shows. We love watching new game shows on TV. We love figuring out how we can simulate or emulate game shows for your events within budgets that you have (as opposed to TV budgets).

Risk Reward game shows are great for event marketing, retail promotions, casinos, and more. Take It All (We will call it Take Everything) promises to be a hot new show or at least a mini game.

If you haven’t seen it, Take It All is hosted by Deal or No Deal’s Howie Mandel.  It is a cross between Let’s Make a Deal and Price is Right.  Five contestants are invited to pick from a “Dream Screen” with prizes behind them. Each contestant is invited to keep their prize or take from another. It is sort of like the old Christmas gift game. The goal is to keep the highest value prize and not get the lowest value. A Player is allowed to “Lock” only once during the game show.  After each round, the player with the lowest value prize is eliminated.  After three rounds, the final round is called the “Prize Fight” in which the two remaining players get to confer with each other to keep their prizes or attempt to “take it all”. This process involves some sort of head games.  Players secretly record their choice. If both say “Keep Mine”, they both keep their prizes. If one says “Take It All” and one says “Keep Mine”, the Take It All wins. If they both say “Take It All”, they both lose.  It is an interesting lesson on greed.

We look forward to modifying “Take It All” to “Take Everything” to use as a promotion or mini game. It will be great to showcase sponsors and create an exciting atmosphere

It’s not too late to book your Holiday Party

The trend we have been seeing is that companies are not sure about cash flow or ecomic impact of the election and have been waiting to book events. Our lead time in some cases has been two weeks or less !!  While not reccommended, it may be possible to squeeze your event in last minute pending available resources.

For a more colorful version of this post, see


Game Show Gurus will bring cheer to your holiday events.
Well, it is that time of year — time to start planning for the holiday party. Are you looking for something unique for your holiday party? Do people really not want to “dance”?  We have the solution.
We can provide a variety of game shows that simulate your favorite TV shows or bring our unique spin
A few interactive game shows commonly booked for holiday events include our Survey Says, Category Challenge, or Ultimate Countdown. Get moving with our Versus game show or Win It In a Minute. Involve everyone at once with our all new updated Get Wired For This gameshow using up to 500 audience response buzzers. Let’s see what you have with our Karaoke Idol or Music Video Idol.
With tighter budgets, book our Mini Trivia Blitz game show. Add some DJ music before and after for a complete party. The best part is that it is all self contained while eliminating cost audio visual rentals as we provide it all For large holiday parties, consider our Game Stations orour new Risk Reward game show called Great Game Show Give Away.

For more information, please see our web site –  or call us at 847-781-7033 for the latest information.
Night At The Races
Bring the action and excitement of simulated horse racing to your event, complete with video projected races, betting windows, odds, play money, and play wagering slips. No real money is gambled here.  This enticing program can be a great stand alone program, or an addition to a game show or in conjunction with a casino night. Finish off the night with a prize auction or raffle.  For more information, check out its web page or call us.
Going Green Screen Looking for something else different for your event?  Tired of the old photo booth? We have your solution – green screen photo and video options available from Game Show Gurus.
Pop Noggins- tales your guests face, cuts out their body and places it on a computer generated dancer.  Add your logo and everyone gets to take home a memorable DVD to play and upload to Facebook.  Great holiday songs are aviailable. For more information and samples, see
Flip Movies - we take a 10 second video of your guests and then convert it to a 60 page business card size flipbook, complete with branding and customizaiton. Add props for a cool activity.
BobbleNogginssomething new and unique — we can take your face and put on your own lifesize desktop bobblehead body — who do you want to be – basketball player, President, Fireman, and more.

We have been to busy to blog.

Wow – what a summer – what a Fall – we have been on the road all summer long developing and presenting game shows for high end meeting planners, casinos, promotion events, schools for Red Ribbon Week, and corporate events.

Many of our game show systems and equipment were overhauled with updated software, control racks, and scenery.

Scheduled to be updated when we can breathe will be our web site, new marketing materials, and attempting to keep our blog up to date – which keeps us fresh with Google and Yahoo.

Gotta go – an email blast is long overdue. If there’s fun – were’ having it.

The Best Bar Mitzvah Invitation Ever

Someone forwarded this to me. It’s hilarious… but so true.        �





It is with great stress,

emotional and physical fatigue,

and incredible financial sacrifice beyond comprehension,
that we invite you to join us as our wonderful son


is called to the Torah as a Bar Mitzvah.

Saturday, May 12th – (yes we realize its Mother’s Day Weekend)

Temple Israel
14 Coleytown Road
Westport, Connecticut 06880
at the ungodly hour of 9 a.m.

(Even though you don’t really

need to be there until 10:20 a.m.

to catch the real action.)

If you make it through the

3 hour service,

please skip the Kiddush,

(it´s just cookes and cake)

and join us instead for the ostentatious evening meal

(Kosher, my husband´s idea).

which starts at 7 PM,

(not 8 PM … or you will miss out

on the 2000 canapés).

Birchwood Country Club
25 Kings Hwy S
Westport , CT 06880

(which we had to join just for this event and you would not believe the initiation fees)

Please have the courtesy of

showing up if you RSVP that you are
attending, or you will be billed for

$210.00 a plate if you are a

Please RSVP as soon as you get this and not the day before

the cut-off date.

I can’t take the stress.

The gift of choice is either green,

or contains a routing and

account number.

Hope you can make it!

Lisa and David Miller

Dress: Black Tie optional
Theme: 007 James Bond
Kippot and Matching Eye Patch

will be provided